Our mission is to provide superior products reflecting the diverse palates of our city and time. Whether you are fitness conscious, a bride, event planner or simply looking for local and fresh healthy beverage options, our handcrafted products offer a vast array of chef driven juices, detox shots and drink blends.



Shandy Butler has been a lover of food and beverage throughout her life. Over the past decade, she has worked the full spectrum of the food service industry, specializing in creating exquisite drink concoctions, fresh beverages and detox shots. With extensive hands-on experience, Shandy has perfected her skills by experimenting with a variety of fresh ingredients, flavor fusions and blends.

In 2016, Shandy’s talents led to the creation of Nashville Craft BevCo. As Founder and Head Chef, Shandy now aims to share her unique drink blends and juices with Nashville and beyond. Her motto is Craft Drinks Made Simple!


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